Travelling Tips

Please see below for our tips on how to make your tour as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Discuss your plans with us! It may seem obvious but we really can help, or at least make sure you’re on the right track
  2. The more research you do, the more you will get out of your tour. We like to think we provide a good mix of adventure for everyone’s tastes, but invariably there will be things you’d personally do differently. A little prior planning means you can enjoy all of those things too
  3. If you can speak to someone that has done the same or a similar tour. There is nothing worse than getting back home and finding out about something you wish you’d done while you were away
  4. Keep an eye on the weather, especially if your tour is in a different country to the one in which you live. Be sure you know the likely weather conditions on your planned ride for the time of year you’re travelling and pack appropriately
  5. Apply for your ESTA (or visa) and DTPA approval when you book your flights. Don’t leave it until later, and definetly don’t forget about it. An ESTA application costs US $14 – if you’re asked for more its likely you are not on the official web site!
  6. You only need a visa if your ESTA is declined, you plan to stay over 90 days, you have a criminal record, or you work in a prescribed occupation (you’ll probably know if you do)
  7. Check your travel insurance! Most UK policies exclude riding a large capacity motorcycle, which you’ll obviously be doing on our tours! If necessary check with your travel operator as they’re obliged to offer you relevant insurance for your trip
  8. Don’t book your flights until you’ve confirmed your tour or rental with us! Ensuring your ride is available is your most pressing thing to do upfront
  9. Be aware that hotels in city centres and tourist areas can be surprisingly expensive
  10. Tipping is expected, in most cases obligatory. As a simple guide as to the “correct” amount consider doubling the tax on your bill.

And finally…

Relax, stay calm, and enjoy your holiday!

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