Riding Tips

As with our Travelling Tips see below for our tips on how to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

When collecting your rental bike:

  1. Don’t ride on your first day in the USA. Make sure you get a good nights sleep following that transatlantic flight before getting on your bike
  2. Check the tyres for condition and tread depth, especially if you plan on riding a lot of miles
  3. Check the fluid levels, including the oil, and ask for top-ups if necessary
  4. Check for any damage or scratches and make sure they are noted on the rental agreement – you don’t want to be paying for someone elses mistake
  5. Check that all the keys you receive fit all of the locks – mix-ups do happen!
  6. Make sure you’ve chosen a bike that is comfortable for both you and your pillion
  7. Have a quick ride around the block to make sure everything is working as it should and it is definetly the bike you want

And once you’ve collected your bike:

  1. Wear a helmet at all times while riding – your insurance will most likely be invalid if you don’t
  2. Plan to ride up to 200 miles per day. Doing more for long periods will most likely result in you not getting enough rest to really enjoy all of the experiences you’ll be having
  3. If riding with a friend buddy up when refueling to save time
  4. Consider buying a US mobile phone – they’re around US $25 and have better coverage than a UK phone that’s roaming
  5. Make sure you’re familiar with the local traffic laws – e.g. 4-way stops

And finally…

Relax, stay calm, and enjoy your holiday!

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