USA Route 66 Motorcycle Tour – Special


11th – 27th June (Eaglerider Tour led by John & Dot)

8th July – 23rd July (Hadrian V-Twin Tour led by Nige & Jan)


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Join Dot & John’s Route 66 Special, including H-D Milwaukee MuseumTour, and UK Pre-Tour Meeting.

Or join Jan and Nige’s tour with the option of including H-D Milwaukee MuseumTour, and UK Pre-Tour Meeting.

Ride the world famous road, also known as the ‘Mainstreet of America’ or “Mother Road”. Route 66 is 2400 miles long from Chicago to Los Angeles, crosses three time zones and 8 States: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Route 66 has been the path of migrants, dreamers, desperados and an entire generation of vacationers discovering the way west. The 1950’s were the Route 66 glory days, when thousands of cars rode bumper to bumper behind each other to experience the Western frontier. Hotels, motels, gas stations, classic restaurants, and the new America sprang up everywhere. Much of Route 66’s classic roads, restaurants, gas stations, and nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were in the 1950’s. The famous and nostalgic Route 66 is the road created in heaven for Harley-Davidson touring. Simply stated, this is the guided tour of America!


Day 1: Chicago Arrival

Congratulations! After months of anticipation, the day to embark on this incredible journey has finally arrived. Take the shuttle or a taxi to the hotel in Downtown Chicago and check in to your luxurious room. We’ll be in the hotel lobby to welcome you between 4pm-6pm. Chicago is a wonderful city & yours to explore as you acclimatise to the time difference in the USA. Art & culture, fabulous shopping, or take a Gangster Tour & learn more about the days of Prohibition in the city. Don’t forget to check out the very beginning of Route 66 on Jackson Boulevard.




Day 2: Chicago, IL– Milwaukee, WI

Our adventure begins in earnest today as we head over to Union Station to catch a train ride along the shores of Lake Michigan & into Wisconsin to Milwaukee. We’ll be back at The Drake Hotel tomorrow night, so feel free to leave your large bags with the bell desk, & just take an overnight bag to Milwaukee, where we’ll check into the famous Iron Horse Hotel. Entrance & private behind the scenes tour is included in your VIP Museum Package*, giving you as much time as you like to visit the hallowed ground of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle museum, & gain a fascinating insight into this iconic institution.


Day 3: Milwaukee, WI – Chicago, IL

You’ll have free time this morning to re-visit the HD museum if you want to, before heading back to Chicago on the train around noon. Upon arrival, you’ll have time to relax or enjoy a walk along the river or Navy Pier, before meeting up with the remainder of your fellow riders who will be joining you on the Route 66 guided tour. Tonight we’ll have a great dinner together, & look forward to the next 2400 miles!

Day4: Chicago, IL – Springfield IL – 149 miles

Today we put rubber to the sacred pavement of Historic Route 66 for the first time. 2400 miles of concrete, steel and the grandeur of Route 66 lie ahead. We’ll visit the well known Route 66 Museum in Joliet, Illinois, a must for anyone travelling this great road. Be sure to wave ‘Hello’ to the Gemini Giant standing guard at the entrance to Wilmington and Route 66 West. The Standard Oil gas station in Odell reminds of days gone by and the many gas stations that stayed open day and night to serve the endless streams of cars and families heading west to find their fortune.


Day 5: Springfield, IL – St Louis, MO – 112 miles

The excitement is just beginning today. As we enter St. Louis, Missouri, we immediately notice the magnificent Gateway Arch. The gleaming, stainless steel structure welcomes travelers heading from East to West. It lies along the banks of the Mississippi, and is an absolute engineering wonder. Take an elevator ride to the very top, where you’ll have a fabulous view of the city below. Be sure to try some frozen Ice Custard from Ted Drewes world famous stand, just like the pilgrims of yesteryear did as they drove west on the Mother Road.


Day 6: St Louis – Joplin MO – 287 miles

Today you’ll be amazed with the fabric of countryside and the scenery the Midwest has to offer. The roads out of Rolla are a riders dream. We begin to navigate the gentle winding roads that put us into the rhythm of the ride. We take our time to through the ‘Devil’s Elbow’ to view what once was the deepest road cut in Missouri. Soon we’ll get a taste of what the real Route 66 was like. You see, when Route 66 was in its heyday folks knew this was an opportunity to make a living selling all sorts of sundries, offering hospitality and lodging to weary travelers, and re filling their cars thirsty gas tanks every few hours. Many savvy businesses came up with all sorts of interesting ways to grab attention and get folks to stop and spend a little money while filling up. One of the few characters left on the Old Route 66 stills exists in Paris Springs Junction, MO. The Gay Parita Sinclair has the charm with bit of panache that shows us how they drew customers in by the hundreds. You’ll have one of the best days so far after our visit her that you will leave smiling. We end our day in Joplin, MO. For a well deserved night’s sleep.

Day 7: Joplin, MO – Oklahoma City – 227 miles

america-2008-1-16We eagerly start today to take an early voyage to the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma. This is a favourite of all the museums along the route, as it walks visitors through each era of Historic Route 66 from the 1920’s through present time. They also have an incredible gift shop with some of the best Route 66 memorabilia anywhere. Oklahoma is where it all started. The folks that took the undertaking of creating ‘The Mother Road’ were from Oklahoma. All across this state and scattered along your ride today you’ll see a plethora of ‘Googie’, or 50’s futuristic architecture that was predominant for so many years. The buildings are immediately identifiable. Think of the old cartoon ‘The Jetsons’ & you’ll get the idea. Your head will be on a swivel looking at all of these small, unique landmarks that pepper the country side. From Clinton we will settle back into our saddles and ease our way across the northern stretch of America’s largest state, Texas.


Day 8: Oklahoma City, OK – Amarillo, TX – 260 miles

We rise early for our journey into Texas full of prickly pear and into the “panhandle” through the oil town of Shamrock. We’ll gas up at one of the original gas stations of the old Route 66 and then we’ll show you the way to Amarillo! Get ready for a steak “Texas Style”, like a 4 1/2 pounder! A visit to the Big Texan steakhouse will surely stretch your digestive system to its limits!

Day 9: Amarillo, TX – Santa Fe, NM – 291 miles

Today we make our way into the heart of the Western United States and one of her most beautiful cities, Santa Fe, New Mexico. This quaint mountain town is nestled high in the Sangre de Cristo, or Blood of Christ, mountain range, which are thought to have been names for the deep red hues of the mountains during some sunrises and sunsets. Santa Fe is rich in Spanish and Native American history and culture, a unique blend that is reflected in the local art, architecture and cuisine. Our home for the next two nights is a small boutique hotel in the heart of Old Santa Fe. You can’t spend more than just a few minutes walking the narrow streets of Santa Fe before you fall in love with this city and her people.


Day 10: Santa Fe

Today is a free day in Santa Fe. Relax in the hotel spa, enjoy the many fine art galleries, or just explore the heart of Santa Fe. The local native Indians are offering their superior craftsmanship products throughout the market square, & their handmade jewellery is particularly good. Don’t forget to try the Green Chilli Stew that has become a favourite of locals and visitors alike. The gastronomic selections increase here in Santa Fe. If you have been waiting for a fine culinary break Santa Fe offers it. If you feel like a ride today we can organize a day trip into the fresh mountain air of northern Arizona and southern Colorado. The trip north to Taos is stunning. The scenery changes as one heads north, & it’s hard to miss the great northern Arizona grandeur. One could spend a week here exploring the corner regions.

Day 11: Santa Fe, NM – Gallup, NM – 197 miles

The road leads down the hill this morning and we get a chance day13to see the lands that entranced and sustained the Native Americans for centuries. The red dirt plateaus and cactus blooms are an artist’s dream as are the beautiful and simplistic adobe architecture you’ll see along our ride. Soon we’ll cross into the Petrified Forest National Park where we’ll stop in and watch a short video explaining the unique beauty of the area, with miles of petrified logs, rocks, and artefacts. New Mexico is the home to one of the oldest constantly inhabited cites in the America. Sky City is Native American city on top of massive rock outcrops. We’ll detour to see this once in a lifetime view before continuing on to Gallup. We’ll also ride through Madrid today, where much of that great biking film ‘Wild Hogs’ was set. Fortunately, the’ Delgados’ won’t be there, so be sure to call in at ‘Maggies’ for your souvenir T-shirt!


Day 12: Gallup, NM – Grand Canyon, AZ – 284 miles

It seems that our ride is just getting better and better each day. Did you ever imagine that you’d actually be ‘Standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona’ as made famous by The Eagles in their song ‘Take it Easy’? You will today! Crossing the Painted Desert on great riding roads will take us to Flagstaff, where we’ll stop to absorb the local flavour for a while. Then we’ll continue to the biggest hole in the ground you ever did see! It’s hard to explain just how big and marvellous the Grand Canyon is. No picture truly captures the grandeur and enormous size of this natural wonder. You can take a half-hour helicopter ride over the canyon, or just find a quiet spot to watch the colourful sunset and marvel at perhaps the greatest of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Day 13: Grand Canyon, AZ – Laughlin, NV- 243 miles

ww05_1180_grandcanyonYour passion for motorcycle riding will be repaid today as we open the throttle and let the wind fly by. The mornings view is outstanding. The sounds and smells of the road are your reward. There are some long stretches and a few twisty curves in the morning but later on it all opens up. Seligman, AZ is a town where the Spirit of Route 66 still lives on. By the afternoon we are treated to an odd and wonderful sight as we approach the scenic vistas just before coming into Oatman, AZ. This town has a standing army of burros that roam free and you get a sense of what the mining days of the Wild West were like. Oatman is a jump into the past with its various shops and saloons that have long welcomed a tired and thirsty miner or road weary traveller. Vegas isn’t the only place to gamble in Nevada. The winking lights and bells of Laughlin are a gamblers delight for those with nerves of steel. You can enjoy a large steak on a riverboat hotel that is built alongside the Colorado River. Just be ready to leave early in the morning!


Day 14: Laughlin, NV – Las Vegas – 99 miles

Las Vegas isn’t part of Route 66, but as we’re so close it seems madness not to visit this ‘Disneyland’ for adults! See a show, have a flutter, or just enjoy the atmosphere of this crazy town where each hotel on the famous Strip vies for your attention by being more outrageous than the last. Outside of The Strip, Las Vegas has great attractions in Hoover Dam, desert plains driving, and beautiful night rides.

Day 15: Las Vegas, NV – Victorville, CA – 207 miles

The Mojave Desert offers stillness and interesting colours that only a few riders ever explore. Just set the throttle on cruise and enjoy the ride. Originally Route 66 wandered its way into the San Fernando Valley via old trails that were difficult to pass. Today we work our way into town to Pasadena. Route 66 has been resurrected in the drive into Pasadena and all along the way. All of the small towns have embraced ‘The Mother Road’ and today it is alive and well.


Day 16: Victorville, CA – Los Angeles, CA – 104 miles

We are almost there now. Today we ride into one of the most famous cities in the world, where if you look close you just might see a Hollywood star as we trek along the final leg of our journey. Glitz, glamour, palm trees and fresh ocean air permeate our drive westward. We’ll take you to the final destination of Route 66 where you can see the Santa Monica pier and visit the plaque that announces that you have arrived at our final destination. After we linger and admire this sight we’ll grudgingly take our trusty bikes back to EagleRider . Tonight we celebrate. We’ll gather at the restaurant and reminisce about our trip together, and bond relationships that were forged over this ride. It’s the last night of the ride, but the beginning of a long friendship and many stories.

Day 17: Los Angeles, CA Departure

We have given you something that you never will forget; an incredible ride through the famous Route 66 with new friends, on the bike of your dreams. Thank you for joining us, we’ll miss you, and we hope we can arrange for another adventure with you in the future.


Route 66 Tour 11th – 27th June (includes 2 day preliminary tour to Milwaukee & the Harley Davidson Museum). John & Dot.

Prices per Person

2 people, 1 bike, 1 double room – £3,050.00

2 people, 2 bikes, 1 room – £3,989.00

1 person, 1 bike, 1 room – £5,460.00

What’s Included:

Harley-Davidson rental including sales & environmental taxes & minimum insurance, petrol & oil, support vehicle, all hotels with breakfasts, National Park entry, Custom Riding Jackets, Tour Guides. VIP Package at Harley-Davidson Museum *Minimum of 15 pax required. The best time ever!

Route 66 Tour 8th July – 23rd July. Nige & Jan.

Prices per person

2 people, 1 bike. 1 room – £2,295.00

2 people, 2 bikes, 1 room – £3,195.00

1 person, 1 bike, 1 room – £3,895.00

Optional 2 day pre-tour trip to Milwaukee and the Harley Davidson Museum – £350.00 per person (single £500.00)

While you are in Las Vegas why not consider treating yourself to one of our exciting Helicopter Tours!

What’s Included:

Harley-Davidson rental including sales & environmental taxes & minimum insurance, support vehicle, all hotels with breakfasts, National Park entry, Tour Guides. The best time ever!


In the case of major Exchange Rate fluctuations, we reserve the right to alter prices and issue a currency surcharge/refund if necessary.

A deposit of £300 per bike is required if you reserve your place more than 24 weeks before the tour starts. 50% of the tour price is required to be paid 24 weeks before the tour starts and the balance paid 12 weeks before the tour starts.

N.B. Damage Waivers recommended, & are payable locally at either $18-$24-$29 per day. Supplementary Liability Insurance is also available at $18.95 and $24.95 per day.

This itinerary may change slightly subject to availability or road conditions. All mileages are approximate. In the case of major Exchange Rate fluctuations, we reserve the right to alter prices & issue a currency surcharge/refund if necessary. Flights not included.
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