Nepal Riding Apparel

What to wear when riding in Nepal

Weather conditions vary on the Nepal trips, not just day by day, but also at different times of the day and as we gain or loose altitude.

In the mountains it can get cold, particularly early in the morning and into the evening. However, down in the lowlands and jungle regions is can be quite warm. We therefore recommend that you bring clothing that can be layered, so you can add or remove layers throughout the day as needed.

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This list is recommended only (people’s personal preferences are down to them):

– Either a jacket with armour built into elbows/shoulders/back etc or a thin jacket for wind protection and body armour underneath

– A thin down jacket to wear at night

– Layers (T-shirts/shirts/fleece top)

– leather gloves (wind & water proof)

– Knee protection (many riding trousers now have knee armour built in)

– Stout riding boots (height depends on if you have shin armour or not)

– Off-road helmet (we can provide if needed)

– Goggles/visor (we can provide goggles if needed)

– Waterproofs (unless you are wearing Gortex riding jacket & trousers)

– A good anti-pollution mask for riding in the cities and busy dusty roads. For example a Respro techno mask.

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