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Deliverance Ride 2014
Firstly I would like to thank John and yourself for the most enjoyable, well planned road trip. We had a wonderful mix of light minded people, Ray Pearson, Malcolm (WiFi) Allan, Peter, Graham, Richard and Charlie will always be remembered from my trip of 3200 miles.
I enjoyed the stop overs at Borrego Springs, Tombstone, Alpine and New Orleans. Crossing the Desert and the Texas Mountain Trail, Fort Davies. I will always remember the laughs we had as we rode across America.
I don’t know what will be happening for 2015 as far as road trips is concerned but you never know.
Once again, many thanks to Hadrian V Twin Tours for a trip of a lifetime. Arthur Arrowsmith
Canadian Rockies and Yellowstone Park Guided Motorcycle Tour (EagleRider)
This is the third “big” trip Sally and I have done (after Route 66 and South Africa) and was comfortably the most spectacular. Canada and the Glacier National Park really set the bar high, and each of the following days down to Yellowstone and beyond equalled or bettered that! Much of the 3,000 miles or so were above 5,000ft, so mornings were cool in shadow – but sun block was much needed by mid-morning!  The route culminated in an awesome ride over the Ridgeway Trail at over 12,000ft in the Rockies National Park; then down to a very warm arrival in Denver at 94F.
Some of our party were on the trip for a second or third time – and it wasn’t hard to see why!
Flights were not included and John and Dot provided much needed help and advice which all worked out perfectly – Many thanks!!!  Dave Wallington
Alpine Adventure and European Bike Week 2014
Just can’t believe that we have been away for 16 days and covered 2270 miles on the back of our Harley.  Did we really travel through France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, walk in a glacier, whiz down a zip wire, gaze at The Matterhorn, zig zag through extraordinary mountain passes and all this in the company of a lovely group of people?  Thank you so much Nige and Jan Collis, Dot and John Johnston of Hadrian V Twin for a brilliant experience! Judith and Alan Clement
Bespoke Alpine Self Drive Tour 2014
We are back from our holiday touring in Europe. Enjoyed every minute. The hotels you picked for us were all brilliant…clean, comfortable and full of food! Loved all the pretty places you chose for us. Especially good was Austria. Loved the place and had a great time on the ‘passes’. Thank you so much for organizing us…..you did a brilliant job.Had the time of our lives.
Scott & Lesley Renwick
Golden Gate Tour August 2014
Just a quick email to let you know what a fabulous time we had on your Golden Gate Tour. The trip was amazing, made so much better under the excellent guidance of Mike and Hilary. They were so professional yet also embraced our holiday vibe. Brilliantly guided by Mike and supported by Hilary’s calm organisation the whole trip was smooth and enjoyable.
We have got some fantastic photos and will send you a copy when we have them copied to disc.
Thanks again to your team, particularly Mike and Hilary
Amanda and Scott Lane
Bespoke Alpine Self Drive Tour 2014
We are back home & back to work after our fantastic bike tour, we have enjoyed ourselves very much. The hotels you booked for us were
excellent in both location style & quality, the hotel of our last night was a real surprise, very luxurious & in a pleasant setting. We have had a good taster of the quality of riding & friendliness of the people of  where we visited. The weather was perfect except one day it rained but we had to laugh at ourselves. The hotel staff at Weisses Lamm dried our clothing.
Thank you (Jan & Nige) for all your help in making our alpine tour so good.  Margaret Bell
Route 66 May 2014
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nige and Jan from Hadrian v-Twin Tours for passing on all their knowledge of Route 66 making dreams come true. I think I am talking for the group that rode on Route 66 and the friendships that developed throughout the trip. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you both soon, ride safe.

Was Route 66 “The Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Ride”, YES. The trip was amazing, awesome, brilliant and magnificent; words cannot describe what dreams are made off.  Les Stark

Read Les Stark’s Journal of Route 66 2014

Alpine Adventure and European Bike Week 2014
Home now from a magic holiday that was everything one could hope for and more! Hadrian V-Twin you did us proud and I’d urge everyone with a dream of a motorcycle holiday to put their trust in you guys, professional, friendly and understand everything about organising a perfect touring holiday :-) thanks Nige Collis, Jan Collis, Dot and John Johnston. Paul and Julie Houghton
Alpine Adventure and European Bike Week 2014
Back home safely from an amazing Alpine adventure riding 2,531.1 miles across 7 countries, with just as many hairpin bends!! Thank you Jan, Nige, Dot and John at Hadrian V Twin for a fantastic holiday. Riding the Stelvio Pass was an unforgettable experience. Sue and Dave Brown
Route 66 (EagleRider) August 2014
Just to let you know we had the most fantastic time travelling East to West on Route 66!!.
Our Tour Guides and the rest of the party (Australians) were fantastic people and have helped make very special memories during our journey.  As a first timer on a bike (trike) I now understand the appeal of this mode of travel.  I can’t really explain to my family and friends how special it was , more than a holiday it really is a journey, but you will understand I am sure.
Thanks again Jan for the time you spent arranging this very special trip!
Lisa & Steve Norrie
Helen & Dave Carrick
Route 66 May-June 2014
This was a trip we had been planning and looking forward to for a long time, and it more than lived up to all our expectations. Each day brought exciting new things to see and do. The team work from Jan and Nige was superb, meaning we could just enjoy riding our Harley and meeting all the characters and enthusiasts along Route 66. Nige’s attention to detail with the route meant that we rode the “real” Route 66 and avoided the highways wherever possible. Jan’s great planning with the accommodation meant that we arrived at our hotel, chilled out with a beer and a chat with our fellow riders and hey presto Jan was there with our room keys and information such as good places to eat and hi-fi facilities. We enjoyed the luxury of a cold drink of water and an ice box to cool our neck ties in the middle of the desert ! Some special places were opened up specially for our group, Nige had rung ahead to the “Gay Parita” and Gary Turner was there to welcome us to the iconic filling station dating back to the hey day of Route 66. We really enjoyed the scenery in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. A really nice surprise at the end of the trip was a stay in Big Bear Lake where we were surrounded by mountains and lakes. We have already recommended Hadrian V Twin Tours to our friends and colleagues. Thanks for a great trip!  Eric & Rita
Music & Mountains 2014
This information was provided by Roger and Jill to a potential customer in response to his queries -
1.    The route was good especially through the Smokey Mountains from the rider’s point of view.   The rest of the route was fine as we avoided freeways as far as possible.  The accommodation, we found, varied from excellent to good.  The lunch stops were good, Nige took us to some “home cooking” places rather than fast food outlets.  Bikes were good, we all got the bike we asked for.  As for mileage no problems there, some days more than others – see itinerary.
2.    Weather was hot with only two heavy thunder storms during which we took shelter.
3.    No safety concerns whatsoever – the trip was very well organised.
4.    The day stopovers were good and gave us plenty of time to look round.  The one night stops saw us arriving around 5pm – 5.30pm which did allow some time for sightseeing and socialising in the evening.
5.    We probably would not do the trip again only because having done it there’s so many other trips to do.
6.    Definitely recommend the trip.
7.    Can’t think of anything that did not meet our expectations or that we would change.
We thought Nige was an excellent leader and we can’t praise Jan enough for all the back up, hotel check-ins and local info all provided by the time we got off the bikes..  (Cold drinks at every stop …….. beer at the end of the day!)            If you do decide to go we hope you have as good a time as we did!
Roger and Jill
Cowboys & Canyons 2014
Graeme and I have just returned from Cowboys and Canyons Tour (21Jun-1Jul 2014) and we had an absolutely fantastic time. Although Graeme has ridden bikes for years I was a completely novice pillion rider and apprehensive to say the least! I needn’t have worried John and Dot took great care of me, and the rest of the group.

Having the support vehicle was a ‘godsend’, for water breaks, beer finishes and air-conditioning when the going got too hot for me, or the hairpins got too hairy…

Hyperkewel vests: I worried about sitting in wet clothes with water dripping into my pants – by the end of the week I was soaking my hyperkewel vest and running it over my jeans. I would gladly have stepped into the ice water myself! Anyone else having second thoughts about these vests shouldn’t, this was money very well spent.

Thank you John, Dot and the rest of our group, I enjoyed myself so much I would consider doing it all over again.  Graeme and Liz

Golden Gate 2014
When I first booked our holiday with Hadrian tours I’d never been on the back of a motorbike before (I know it’s mental but I wanted a challenge for my 40th birthday) anyway, having been inspired by the photos & other recommendations we chose the Golden Gate 2014 Tour, which turned out to be the best holiday ever we’ve ever had.
> Here are my 3 top tips for anyone booking tour…
> 1) Trust whoever is riding the bike, if that’s you then just trust the bike, but if you’re riding pillion like me then I quickly found out that focusing on the scenery rather than giving “helpful driving advice” made for a much more enjoyable ride :)
> 2) Pack less, as you’re likely to develop a t-shirt addiction! I (mentally) scoffed at the idea of wanting to collect t-shirts en route, but now at the end of the tour with a restrained collection of just six, I know that I really didn’t need to buy anything beforehand in the UK :)
> 3) Buy a Hyperkewl cool vest. Having lived in Malaysia I was convinced I could take the heat, but trust me, when you’re in the desert, in 120 degree heat you’ll be willing to pay double just to borrow one for the day :)
> So, whether you take my advice or not, I promise you that if you book the tour, you will have an amazing time, meet amazing people, see amazing sights & never regret it.
> Finally, just a word of thanks to Dot & John (our guides) who looked after us; fed & watered us; laughed, sang & danced with us – you made the trip truly memorable, we love you to bits & look forward to riding with you again in Memphis
Georgina and Mike
Golden Gate 2014
Just got back from the Hadrian V-Twin Golden Gate 2014 tour. I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful holiday and the work that John and Dot put into making the tour the best holiday for their clients, is extremely high. John and Dot are the best tour guides ever. If you want an experience like no other with two professionals, who will show you the most amazing sights and make riding a Harley across hundreds of miles a truly amazing experience, then I can recommend booking a tour with Dot and John. Excellent – lots of love Teresa and Jeremy
Alpine Adventure 2013
Lex and I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the alpine trip.  Leading us and keeping us on the straight and narrow can not have been easy but you seemed to manage it very well.   Once again, thank you for everything.   Wishing you happy and safe motorcycling.  Joan and Lex
Music and Mountains 2013
Two years ago we went on what was the holiday of a lifetime for us …Cowboys and Canyons with Hadrian Twin Tours – and it was so fantastic we decided to have a second holiday of a lifetime this year – Music and Mountains -and once again had the most incredible time.  The feeling you get, travelling through America on a Harley Davidson with the rock music playing makes you realise what life is all about.  We had so many great experiences and visited places we never imagined we would see.  All this with some very special people – we are currently saving for the third holiday of a lifetime…of course with Hadrian!
Dave & Margot Black
Castles of Spain 2013
Castles Of Spain tour was brilliant, scenery outstanding and riding excellent.  The Paradors were fantastic, first class accommodation, stunning locations. The food was also excellent.  The package was outstanding, possible better for couples rather than single riders, however we had a fantastic time!  Norman
Music and Mountains 2013
Well this tour was definitely perfectly described.  The Smoky Mountains were big and beautiful.  The Dragon’s Tail was the perfect motorbike road.  Gatlinburg on a Saturday night was a shock to the system, after seeing just mountains for the best part of two days.  Dollywood – brilliant place.  Chattanooga was just Choo Choo and Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans – music music and even more music – they are places everyone should experience.
Seeing Elvis and Jack (Daniels, that is) were just so special.  Not forgetting the spectacular storm in Vicksburg and the torrential rain on the last riding day.  That storm finally caught up with us – unfortunately but we were ahead of it for two weeks so I shouldn’t grumble.
It was a big group of people but we got on with everyone and Nige and Jan were excellent tour guides.  Keeping us in check in the day and having time on the night to socialise with us all.
Thanks to everyone who took part on Hadrian V-Twin Motorcycle Tours & Rentals Ltd Music and Mountains 2013 Tour – You were Awesome!!
Much Love, Becky, Stuart, Sarah and Shane xx’

Cowboys & Canyons 2014

Hi Dot and John.   Arrived home safely. Thank you for a great trip and for taking care of this ancient mariner. Thinking about another tour next year.   I was beginning to like the Harley but glad to get back on the Triumph.
All the very best from Popeye.

Golden Gate 2014
Hi Dot & John.   Just to say we have arrived back safe & sound and to thank you both again for an absolutely fabulous experience, won’t say holiday as we are shattered. You are a very special couple that make everyone feel at ease & go out to make sure all the group have the best time ever, and we did.  Len & Margaret

Route 66 (LA to Chicago)– 2013

Ever since a small thought of Route 66 was implanted into our minds it slowly ate away ( well for a day or 2 ) and we made the decision to go with Hadrian V Twin tours.  We have done a few trips with Nige and Jan in the past which were very successful and enjoyable.  From the first meeting at Newcastle we knew we made the right choice, and time soon went by and we were in Los Angeles meeting up with a great bunch of people that we would be spending the next couple of weeks with.  Nige’s knowledge of Route 66 and actually finding the route as much as humanly possible was outstanding, we had no worries of where to stop, fuel up or eat, it was all done for us.
Jan ( the van ) was never to far behind, ready in an instant with ice cold water to drink and cool boxes for hyperkewl  gear.  All hotels were excellent with very good facilities and again we did nothing, ( well, we had a cold beer and banter of the days riding ) while Jan sorted all the rooms out.
Nothing was a problem for Nige and Jan you just had to ask and if possible it was done.  To cap it off it was a trip of a life time which was worth every penny and something every one should certainly think of.
Thanks again to Hadrian V Twin tours for a brilliant trip and hope to do some more.
Dave and Cath

Route 66 2013   
As someone who has visited the USA many times before I had to think twice before booking a guided tour and I can say with absolute certainty that it was the right choice. Touring with Hadrian V-Twin is effortless. The hotels were amazing, every one specially selected with all check-in and  parking arrangements quickly sorted by Jan. Every day the tour was well planned with points of interest, regular stops,food recommendations and of course stunning roads. A big reason for me choosing Hadrian V-Twin was the freedom they offered; although the days were so full of riding and sights that I didn’t feel the need to go off on my own much. I have already recommended them to my friends and they’re at the top of the list for future biking tours. Hope to see you guys again soon.  Tom

Music & Mountains – 2013

Hi Nige , We are fine apart from having M & M withdrawals. Had such a wonderful time and saving up now for the next tour. Hope you and Jan have recovered and a big thank you to you both for making the tour such a memorable experience xx.  Mike and Marie

Route 66 (LA to Chicago)– 2013

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it! Rode from Los Angeles to Chicago – Awesome! Being my first group ride, I didn’t know what to expect and it was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Jan and Nige made this dream a reality for me with their fantastic organisation and Nige, your tour guiding was second to none. You made this trip possible for me and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you also to the great group of people on the trip who were so supportive and such brilliant company and hope we all can meet up again one day. Back at work now and already I’m dreaming of my next trip with you – so look out Nige – your little shadow will be returning to your back wheel!!!! As the song goes (there’s always a song!) “There ain’t no stopping me now!” Sue Dearne

 Route 66 (La to Chicago)– 2013

Many thanks to you,  Nige & Jan for an unforgetable tour, what a team you both make.  Fantastic tour that went so smoothly and was so imformative, I think you have achieved the perfect format.  Nige has obviously done an amazing amout of research, nobody would/could have found those places solo, and Jan’s back-up in the van with iced water/drinks and her expertise with the hotel arrangements was all out standing. Well done to you both.  Also a special thanks to you both for the way you put Sue at ease on what was her first Group Tour riding her beloved ‘Bonniville’ solo. I’m sure she will write her own thanks to you after her first week at work.  To anyone thinking of Group Touring, these are the people to be with.  Thanks to all including our fellow riders, you all made it so special.  Bob Scott

Cowboys & Canyons  2013
Just returned from the June 2013 Cowboys & Canyons tour. We cant thank John & Dot enough for their wonderful organisation, knowledge and help throughout the tour. As a first timer in the US I did have a little bit of a worry about riding abroad, but it was so easy with John leading and Dot together with Dan & Amy in support. A fabulous holiday which we both thoroughly enjoyed, cant wait for the next one.  John & Jane Langan
Route 66 2013
Just back from the Route 66 tour & WOW, what can I say? Well, Nige & Jan were fantastic & couldn’t do enough to help. Every day was better than the one before (although Nige’s jokes seemed to get worse each day :-) ). The hotels were of an exceptionally high standard & there was always somehting entertaining going on (if Route 66, isn’t enough for you). Seriously though, if you have always wanted to take this trip, these are the people to go with.  I must admit that, initially, I thought the cost was high but, on reflection, it now seems like an absolute bargain.  Just remember, money comes & goes, memories last a lifetime.  John Cunningham
Route 66 (LA to Chicago)– 2013
Well… back home from our superb holiday and adventure doing the Reverse Route 66, where we met new friends and had an amazing time! We’d like to say many thanks to Harley V-Twin Tours for making this trip possible, especially Nige and Jan for all their organising, you made everything so pleasant and easy for us, we didn’t have to look at a map as we travelled through the states, no need to think about mileage and where we were going to refuel…we just followed Nige, many thanks to the lovely Jan for carrying our luggage and the ice boxes full of water, booze and clothes to keep us cool/hydrated the trip wouldn’t of been as manageable without you, you both did a brilliant job and made this special holiday…even more special! We couldn’t of done it without your help, so thank you again and I know we will be doing another trip with you in the future. xx Andy and Pam Armiger
Route 66 2013
Went on the Route 66 tour in July 2013 with Jan & Nige an it was an amazing experience. Nige was very informed about the places we visited and thanks to Jan my burnt leg is now healing well. The sight were amazing and met some wonderful people and had a good laugh. So thanks Jan & Nige for a very well organised tour and to everybody on the tour. Would definitely recommend them & would also go on a tour with them again. Gordon Blair
Alpine Adventure 2013
I was more than happy with all the arrangements and itinary of the tour. I enjoyed it more than I’d ever considered possible. We were very lucky with the ideal weather & road conditions being perfect, but none of that would have mattered if the whole package hadn’t been so professionally prepared and actioned by Nige and Jan. The accomodation was, with one night of the trip an exception, brilliant and good value for money. The pace and length of the rides was ideal for me, time to enjoy the countryside and evenings with the rest of the group, who, it has to be said, were fantastic. The mix of English, Welsh & Irish people made for some wonderful evenings. I would highly recommend this tour/adventure and I’ve very pleasantly ticked one item off my “bucket list”. I haven’t got one single regret about deciding to go on this trip!  Richard Baker
Route 66 (LA to Chicago)– 2013
After years of dreaming of riding Route 66, a visit to the NEC Bike show in 2012 helped to start to make this dream become reality. We wanted an organised tour so that we didn’t miss anything and after much searching found what we were looking for with Hadrian V Twin, the Reverse Route 66 tour 2013 fitted our needs with the added  bonuses of two nights in Las Vegas and a visit to the Grand Canyon. The booking process and updates re arrangements leading up to the tour were excellent together with the pre tour meeting in Newcastle helped us to prepare for what was going to be a trip of a lifetime. The trip itself was outstanding, Jan and Nige’s organisation, route knowledge and selection of hotels was second to none. We saw and did so much whilst on this tour we are still taking it in and remembering parts of it. An excellent group of fellow travellers helped make this a very special experience. Thank you Jan and Nige you helped make a dream become reality.  Martin and Becci

Route 66 2013  

We had an amazing 2013 tour of Route 66, we saw some fantastic sights, and visited some great places and met some lovely people along the way.  Jan and Nige were excellent tour guides they were full of information, very organised and knew the best places to go.  We thank you both very much. Mark & Tracey Redfern

Castles of Spain 2013        

We enjoyed the trip very much, on reflection we didn’t think we would be doing so much mountains or passes, but I’m glad that we did as I think it has made me more confident and assuring on my bike, also the towns and Paradors were better than we expected, the only down side was the travelling to and from the Ferry ( probably the weather). David and Marilyn

Cowboys & Canyons 2012                                                                                                                                                                 

Wow!  We got married and chose this tour for our Honeymoon.  It surpassed every expectation we ever had – riding on Route 66, champagne with the Sunset over the Grand Canyon, the most incredible landscapes ever.  Wow! And the people we met and made friends with – a shared experience never to be forgotten.  So slickly organised, completely hassle free, high quality hotels, brilliant riding and great service from Hadrian V-Twin.  The best honeymoon we could ever have had.  Wow!  Thank you both for a brilliant time.
Jan and George Chandler

Sturgis 2012

Over the years I have motorcycled over Germany Holland Denmark just to name a few country’s I have visited.
But I will remember this USA trip with Dot and John for the rest and best time of my life.  My only regret is I cannot afford to book again for next year.

The Golden Gate tour, July 2012

We picked this tour as the itinerary and riding motorcycles throughout California, Arizona and Nevada ticked every box for us. The organisation prior to   the tour was quick and effective as it was mostly done by e mail and Dot was always quick to respond to any queries. The Harley Rentals shop  staff were also efficient and friendly. Throughout the tour whether travelling through the desert (which I personally loved), the magnificent scenery in Yosemite, the cities in particular, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Vegas –  all were a joy.  The temperatures were hot but John always kept his cool and led the tour to many areas unknown to most tourists. The hotels were all good and again the diversity from the city hotels to e.g. Jerome made  every evening stop something new to look forward to. The extra days we did to visit the Grand Canyon were well worth it as that day is one that will stick in our memory forever. We loved the whole experience and would do it again tomorrow !!!! My only change maybe,  and this again is just a personal view not a negative comment, that the tour may skip Los Angeles and have two nights in Palm Springs. This was just that we had a late arrival into LA due to road tailbacks and  once we had seen the sights in Beverly Hills the next morning, there was a fairly long run through the  fairly unattractive LA suburbs before the scenery improved – this again is a pillion point of view !!!


Cowboys & Canyons 2012

We had a wonderful trip – wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Organisation – not to be faulted. Accommodation varied, comfortable and interesting. Food – excellent and abundant. Friendliness of tour leaders and fellow travelers – lovely. Would have liked to have spent longer in each place but as a taster of this area of USA  – brilliant. Recommend it to anyone who has even the remotest interest in motor bikes.

Jilly and Pete

Sturgis 2012

We had a fantastic time, and it was the 1st biking holiday that we had done, and the 1st time on a Harley for both Debs and myself.
The welcoming at the Las Vegas cafe set the tone, and we really felt part of the group at the first meeting.
The 2nd day of travel was a bit too long, (day 4 on the tour), but we understand that it is a balancing act between an extra day in Sturgis, or not. Possibly 1 night only in Jackson hole.
A swop between Fort Laramie and the memorial at Custer’s stand could also be considered. I found the Custer memorial very interesting, as it was something I could relate to, whereas the Fort was purely an interesting stop point. (Good place to buy caps for the intended hijacking of the morning briefings!!!!).
The briefings are absolutely essential and these were well conducted, and adhered to.
The support bus at the rear made for safe riding as well, and gave us a sense of protection. (The cold beers after the ride were always most welcome).
The tour was well planned, and the hotels were of great standard, especially the Occidental and the sleep over at Monument Valley.
This tour has forged friendships for us that will last forever, so much so, that Peter is coming over for a visit to South Africa, and staying with us for a couple of days during the rugby 7’s!! Yes, the Jagermeisters are chilled already!!!!
Until the next time, and who knows, possibly another tour with you,
All of the best,
Trevor and Debbie.

Sturgis 2012

I went on the Sturgis tour earlier this year with my wife and 2 teenage daughters and I can honestly say it was the best experience any of us have ever had.

We have been on safari in Africa, touring in Canada, etc, etc, but the trip on a bike and trike centred around Sturgis, was the best ever.

This was due to a number of factors including the weather, the scenery, the bikes, the roads, the gang on the trip,  but mainly due to the care and attention provided by Dot and John, who succeeded in providing a stress free holiday of a lifetime. I would find it very hard to suggest any improvements.

We are currently considering Faaker See or Golden Gate  (or both) over the next couple of years.

Jim Watson and family

Thunder in the Glens 2012:

I would like to seriously thank both of you and the team supporting you for an absolutely fantastic trip. Colette and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The professional approach and easiness in the way everything happened was highly appreciated.

I will be in touch at a later stage 5to talk about something in South Africa.

Regards, Pierre and Colette

Thunder in the Glens 2012:

Hi John and Dot,

Thank you for all you did for us on the tour . I will certainly recommend VTwin tours to anyone interested in touring.

I hope that we will be seeing you again soon. If you have any thoughts or queries about coming out to South Africa

please let me know and I will sort out anything you need.

All the best ,

Jamie and Cheryl.


Thunder in the Glens, 2012

Sharon and I would like to express our thanks for an amazing Harley experience amongst a great bunch of riders and people, in an incredibly beautiful Scotland.

When one books a tour like this there is always an element of unknown and uncertainty. When reflecting on the tour afterwards, we cannot fault anything! Your organization, the high levels of safety applied and the choice of route and stopovers were brilliant, and we enjoyed every minute of the experience even including the wet riding at times.

We would not hesitate to recommend your tours to our fellow South African riders, and hope that we will meet up soon again, somewhere and sometime in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,  Clive Archer

Thunder in the Glens 2012:

Hi Nige. Sorry we missed you when we got back to Newcastle. Just wanted to say thanks for helping make Thunder in the Glens such a memorable experience for us. We hope to meet up with you some time in the not too distant future. Best regards, Ron and Michelle Thomas. South Africa.

Sturgis Ultimate Tour 2012:
Hi Dot & Jon
Thank you for a wonderful trip, I had the best time of my life, could not contain my enthusiasm each morning of each ride, I think you have got it just right not to long in the saddle but not to short and plenty of stops in the right places.(oatman being my fave).
It has been my ambition since the mid 70s to do Sturgis now I can die a happy man lol.
Hope to see you soon at the NEC Bike show.
Love for now Baz.

I went on the 2012 Ultimate Sturgis Tour and can say that it was just fantastic, exceeding my expectations.  The key things for me were the organisation, all the hotels being sorted out, the briefings every day on what we were to do, the routes being planned and led to interesting places, the restaurants and other events being booked, the rides supported with a lot of attention to detail.  Having booked the tour, I then didn’t have to worry about anything afterwards.  I was also fortunate to be with a very friendly and sociable group.  If there was one aspect that I could say that captured it all, it would be that every day seemed the best day and I wondered if the next could better it, but it always did, right up to the last day!  This was because of the variety, the interesting places we visited, and that was all down to Dot and John, who are great hosts and guides as people, and had the experience to make it happen for us.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to have a quality ride and visit interesting places.  Best wishes, Peter Burleigh

Hi you 2,
Just a quick note to say thank you once again for a most memorable 3 weeks on tour (Sturgis 2012). I don’t want it to be over but it is.I so enjoyed myself and developed a new hunger for biking…
When we came back I took my Fatboy out on Sunday for a quick 50 mile run just to get the feel back. And last Sunday I joined our club ride to the London Ace Cafe on a 270 mile round trip.
That sort of mileage seems a doddle now.
Gunther   ( and Debbie).

“We asked Hadrian V-Twin Tours to put a special guided tour together for the North East of England at such short notice on four bikes. Visited Chillingham Castle the most haunted castle in England and to see it on a Harley- really spooky!! Great tour guides and we learnt so much. Many thanks Dot & John ” Ivor, Boss, Grant, Nick, Jan, Angela

Just completed the Friends, Romans etc tour. Had a great time despite the rain. Tour was well planned and adapted well “on the hoof” to take account of conditions. Great company, accommodation and rides. Will definitely do another tour in the future. Paul Degg

Took a self guided tour down Old Route 66. Dot & John sorted it all out for us and I can recomend “Hadrian V-Twin Tours & Rentals” with out hesitation. Booking process was so easy and help and advice invaluable. How booking a holiday should be. Many thanks and we’ll be back in touch for next year !!! Frank Johnston. Glasgow

Thunder in the Glens Tour

Many thanks for a most enjoyable weekend and for putting up with two ‘relative novices’.  The routes John took us on were excellent and we felt very comfortable riding with the group. We really did enjoy the event and especially your company and hope we can get together sometime in the future on another one of your tours. Best wishes……Terry Hogg, Hartlepool

Just got back from Thunder in the Glens tour,and would just like to thank Dot & John for a wonderful tour, fantastic ride down some of the best roads I have ever seen. The whole tour ran like clockwork and I highly recommend this tour.  Accommodation was excellent Dot & John were wonderful hosts hope to ride with you both next year love Chalky & Fran (a.p.white [chalky])

Thunder in the Glens Tour – what can I say, as you know the reason for me looking at coming originally was after I had seen a picture of the bikes riding through the glens, I also wanted to experience the rally it being our first. what did I think? Amazing, the mass ride out I found quite emotional, it was just great, the people standing watching, waving and the ride through the glens….. just amazing I must also say that going on the tour with you all made the experience even more special, it was a holiday with some wonderful people, it was really great to meet new people and make some friends the tour gave us more than we were expecting, the ride up was a tour in itself, we could never have found some of the roads you took us on. or know about the interesting places we stopped. We are so glad that we decided to go on the tour with you. The bug has bitten, we missed it the moment we got home and have been planning the next trip with you ever since. We got the DVD of America, we will defiantly be going, not next year but the year after we have a special anniversary coming up and have been trying to decide what to do. I am hooked thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful time. I will keep in touch if that’s ok, and see you next year Janet & Martin Rayfield, Kent

Rhine, Wine & Dine 2010
Well, what can we say AWESOME. Good food, good company, good hotel, good sightseeing and WONDERFUL BENDS!!!!!!!!

Trip around the Nurburgring was a Bonus. Looking forward to the Golden Gate Tour. Bye for now.
Awesome Bob and Zinfal Beryl

Thank you both for a brilliant location, wonderful food (made the omelette I had the next day look a bit sad), and a nice group of people. I will definitely go back on the bike another time having enjoyed my taste of Germany with you.
Sylvia Hase

I would just like to re-thank you both for the best holiday we have ever been on, it was definitely a trip of a life time, well planned from start to finish and spent with nice people, we had some brilliant laughs. We were able to visit places I could only ever dream of because I don’t think we would ever have done it on our own. Trish & Barry (iceman)

Just a line to say thanks for a great tour I really enjoyed myself, something to look back on for long time to come.  Once again thanks
Alan Barber

I’m just sending a quick note to thank you for a brilliant holiday – it fulfilled all of our expectations – and so much more too. Thank you for doing a great job as tour guides, congenial hosts, general fixers and problem solvers, – and for the great accommodation, fabulous roads and scenery, and for being such good company too.
Duncan and Chris

Hi there John & Dot,
Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your recent Nine State & Sturgis Tour. Now that I’m back home, I have had time to contemplate & assimilate your achievement in putting together such a marvellous tour, taking in, as it did, so many of America’s most famous & amazing natural wonders, as well as allowing us to pass through some of the USA’s best known National Parks. There were so many highlights of the journey, that it is difficult to put them in any sort of order, but for myself I would have to say that the ride to, & overnight stay in the View Hotel at Monument Valley probably tops the list, & the pyrotechnic display which welcomed us in The Valley was the icing on the take — completely unforgettable!
Next on the list, was the trip over the Rockies, where we could look down on the distant hills & plains from a height of about two & a half miles —- quite amazing that you can actually ride a motorbike so high! (One of my friends is a keen glider pilot, & often tells me how exciting it is to be flying at their maximum height of 10,000 ft, so I took great pleasure today in telling him that 10,000 ft is for the kindergarten, & that we bikers ride our bikes to over 12000 ft!). Bryce Canyon is also near the top of the list, but as I said before, there were so many interesting roads, & so many compelling & entrancing vistas, that I could be still writing this e-mail next week!

Can I also just compliment you on your choice of Hotels. Some were absolutely outstanding, & none fell short of expectations! Particular mention has to be made of The View Hotel at Monument Valley, from which the panoramic views of the Buttes exceed all expectation, especially at dusk & dawn. I can fully understand why the Native Indians regard it as such a sacred place. Other Hotels worth a special mention are The Majestic View at Zion Canyon, & of course, Cadillac Jack’s at Deadwood, which was just far enough from the mayhem of Sturgis to make the four night stay enjoyable, & additionally allowed easy access to Spearfish Canyon etc. It was good to be on a tour where the emphasis was on quality rather than cheapness!
Finally, can I just say a special thank you to both of you for all your pre-tour & tour efforts, which really did make a difference to the enjoyment of the ride. You really did make it feel like a ride with friends rather than “just a guided tour”, & you should both be complimented on exhibiting “grace under stress” at times of crisis — (breakdowns come to mind, as well as broken keys, lost riders, late riders etc.!).
I’m not known for hyperbole, but on this occasion, I have to say that it is the best & most memorable ride I have ever been on, & over the past twelve years, I have travelled across Europe most years. Many thanks for making such a trip possible, & Good Luck with your future Ventures!
Best Wishes — Howard. (aka “Doc”!)

We have just returned from the Golden Gate Tour 09. and we have had an excellent time with Hadrian V-Twin Tours. the whole tour was planned perfectly and i would definitely recommend them to anyone. and i would not hesitate to use them again.

“well done john & dot” and many thanks jim & mandy (Jim & Mandy Jobson, Cramlington, Newcastle)

Just had the most fantastic holiday with John and Dot on the Golden Gate Tour, everything we could have wished for and more, just try it and find out for yourself. Well planned tour and great guides. Still California Dreaming, wish we could have stayed for Sturgis. HIghly recommended.
Mick and April Goodwin, Rothbury, Northumberland

Just finished THE STURGIS TOUR 2009 AWESOME….. Dream come true stood along side THE DUKE …. Had a swim in the river with my chick at Mexican Hat….. You want a holiday get on your bike go with John & Dot you wont go far wrong………………The Ormstons….
Bob & Beryl Ormston, Oldham, Manchester.

We have just completed two Harley Rallies ‘Sturgis 2009′ & ‘Thunder in the Glen 2009′ over the last 5 weeks. You could not beat the experience, SO MANY HARLEY’S in such a short time, once in a lifetime experience, words & pictures only tell half the story. John & Dot did a wonderful job in organising everything and so friendly. Would do the whle thing again if we had the time. So much fun and so many experiences.
Terry & Mary, Cumbria.

“Wow ,what fantastic tour. Every day was amazing and met many new and great friends. ”

We joined this tour having been enjoyed a fantastic Sturgis trip with Hadrian V-Twin Tours in 2008. We didn’t hesitate to sign up for the

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  1. Peter Burleigh says:

    I went on the 2012 Ultimate Sturgis Tour and can say that it was just fantastic, exceeding my expectations. The key things for me were the organisation, all the hotels being sorted out, the briefings every day on what we were to do, the routes being planned and led to interesting places, the restaurants and other events being booked, the rides supported with a lot of attention to detail. Having booked the tour, I then didn’t have to worry about anything afterwards. I was also fortunate to be with a very friendly and sociable group. If there was one aspect that I could say that captured it all, it would be that every day seemed the best day and I wondered if the next could better it, but it always did, right up to the last day! This was because of the variety, the interesting places we visited, and that was all down to Dot and John, who are great hosts and guides as people, and had the experience to make it happen for us. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to have a quality ride and visit interesting places. Best wishes, Peter Burleigh

  2. John & Jane Langan says:

    Just returned from the June 2013 Cowboys & Canyons tour. We cant thank John & Dot enough for their wonderful organisation, knowledge and help throughout the tour. As a first timer in the US I did have a little bit of a worry about riding abroad, but it was so easy with John leading and Dot together with Dan & Amy in support. A fabulous holiday which we both thoroughly enjoyed, cant wait for the next one.

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